Student Research

The expanded undergraduate degree offerings are designed to continue Georgia Tech’s reputation for academic rigor — and also reflect trends in student interests, as well as current and forecasted needs in the job marketplace.
A small spacecraft assembled and tested at the Georgia Institute of Technology is on its way to the moon, where it will use lasers to search for surface water ice in lunar craters that are never warmed by light from the sun.
A weather radar system purchased by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia could lead to improved weather forecasting in North Georgia – and provide expanded educational opportunities.
Georgia Tech will be one of five teams that will compete to win the $200,000 MIT Clean Energy Prize
As the campus transforms to meet the needs of global resourcefulness, students notice the difference
Two summer events, related to wind power and energy management, seek applicants.
Tech was recognized by the ACUPCC during its “Celebrating Sustainability” series.
May, National Bike Month, is a good time to be reminded of safe cycling practices.
Volunteers receive free T-shirt from one of the Southeast's biggest Earth Day celebration.
Kick off your spring cleaning by gathering items to donate for the Earth Day celebration.