This perspective demonstrates how the Living Building's "porch" integrates the building with the Eco-Commons to the west.

Image courtesy of The Miller Hull Partnership in collaboration with Lord Aeck Sargent.

Earthmovers are still preparing the site and already the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is winning awards.

Southface, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance, presented one of its Fulcrum Awards to the Georgia Institute of Technology for the Kendeda Building project. The award was presented at the Greenprints conference March 12-14 at Georgia State University.

“The Kendeda Building has captured the imagination of the campus, sustainability advocates, design professionals and the construction world,” said Howard Wertheimer, Institute Architect. “It’s truly an honor to be recognized with a Fulcrum Award at this stage in the project, and we look forward to seeing an even greater impact as we realize the complete vision for this first-of-its kind building in the Southeast.”

Launched in November 2017, the Kendeda Building aims to become the first Living Building Challenge 3.1-certified facility of its size and function in the Southeast. It is being funded by a $30 million gift from The Kendeda Fund. The building should be completed in early 2019, with Living Building Challenge 3.1 certification expected in 2020. To be certified under the program, a building must meet all the program requirements over a full 12-month period of continued operations and full occupancy.

During the conference, Southface also presented Fulcrum Awards to Georgia State’s Leafy Green Machine and Live Thrive Atlanta’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, and the Len Foote Hike Inn for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Though diverse in scope, each Fulcrum Award recipient exemplifies our vision to promote a regenerative economy, responsible resource use, social equity, and a healthy built environment for all,” Southface president Andrea Pinabell said. “We are proud to honor these projects that bring us all closer to a better future.”