The expanded undergraduate degree offerings are designed to continue Georgia Tech’s reputation for academic rigor — and also reflect trends in student interests, as well as current and forecasted needs in the job marketplace.
A weather radar system purchased by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia could lead to improved weather forecasting in North Georgia – and provide expanded educational opportunities.
Georgia Tech professors share their expertise on disaster recovery and smart infrastructure.
Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center leads effort to develop new energy planning models for metro Atlanta
A new study compares the level of particles in various indoor spaces, including aircraft cabins.
A new grant will allow Georgia Tech researchers to create strategies to protect schoolchildren from harmful wildland fire emissions
Researchers studied how recovery, guided by common policies from FEMA and industry, varies with respect to the severity of disruptive events.
A multi-state network will measure aerosols to gain a better understanding of climate and public health.
Georgia Tech is partnering with two Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories to better understand how wetlands function, enabling scientists to better understand their role in controlling water quality.
Fulton County Presents Award to Georgia Tech