Science and Technology

Researchers investigate how trees have moved across geography over time, where they’re heading, and why it’s important.
Their work reveals what goes wrong within the cells’ interface layers.
The report presents life-cycle assessment as an essential tool in helping researchers and policymakers evaluate low-carbon fuel standards to reduce emissions.
Inclusivity and understanding past policies and their effects on underserved and marginalized communities must be part of urban planning, design, and public policy efforts for cities.
Georgia Tech researchers are studying the highly social behavior of yellow jackets.
Chemists and engineers collaborate on process that washes away nonconductive side chains from a robust polymer backbone to create a powerful conductive plastic.
Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center leads effort to develop new energy planning models for metro Atlanta
The company is ramping up production on anode technology Yushin developed at Georgia Tech.
The campus community is invited to participate in a variety of events that increase awareness of and encourage actions that advance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
A new study compares the level of particles in various indoor spaces, including aircraft cabins.