Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure

The expanded undergraduate degree offerings are designed to continue Georgia Tech’s reputation for academic rigor — and also reflect trends in student interests, as well as current and forecasted needs in the job marketplace.
A small spacecraft assembled and tested at the Georgia Institute of Technology is on its way to the moon, where it will use lasers to search for surface water ice in lunar craters that are never warmed by light from the sun.
New Direct Air Capture Center will leverage Georgia Tech’s leadership in a burgeoning field.
Daniel Matisoff's book traces the curve of ecolabel adoption in the building market, revealing how it has transformed the economy and construction industry to achieve green market transformation.
The company is ramping up production on anode technology Yushin developed at Georgia Tech.
A new study compares the level of particles in various indoor spaces, including aircraft cabins.
New technique could allow EV industry to make Li-ion batteries more safely with 100% solid-state nonflammable ceramic rather than liquid electrolytes.
Emily Grubert, Assistant Professor in CEE, has contributed to a new report from Resources for the Future (RFF) entitled, "On the Path to an Equitable Energy Transition."
Udita Ringania, a Ph.D. candidate, won the 2021 Blue Sky Young Researchers and Innovation Award.
Researchers studied how recovery, guided by common policies from FEMA and industry, varies with respect to the severity of disruptive events.