Georgia Tech strives to be a leader in sustainability, a commitment that extends beyond teaching and research. The Office of Campus Sustainability’s Work Green certification program celebrates and supports Georgia Tech staff and faculty who contribute to campus goals by promoting sustainable practices in the workplace.

The inaugural Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice lays out the long-term vision and goals that will guide sustainability efforts on campus for the next 10 years. This effort will reinforce and grow Georgia Tech‘s leadership, excellence, and performance in the field of sustainability by addressing the following critical areas:

For years, newly minted alumna Grace Brosofsky has been driven to find a safe, organic way to control weeds.

Now she’s been recognized for her efforts as a Georgia Tech student with the Student Sustainability Leadership award for 2017 from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Brosofsky was honored at the group’s annual conference earlier this month for her natural herbicides project with Engineers for a Sustainable World.

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design features a large "front porch" shaded by some of the hundreds of solar panels that generate electricity for the building. (Photo: Justin Chan Photography)
The Kendeda Building goes beyond sustainability to be a regenerative building that gives back more than it takes from the environment.
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