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The company is ramping up production on anode technology Yushin developed at Georgia Tech.
Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center leads effort to develop new energy planning models for metro Atlanta
The report presents life-cycle assessment as an essential tool in helping researchers and policymakers evaluate low-carbon fuel standards to reduce emissions.
Chemists and engineers collaborate on process that washes away nonconductive side chains from a robust polymer backbone to create a powerful conductive plastic.
Norfolk Southern commits $750,000 to the Institute to support development of sustainability technology entrepreneurs and startups in Georgia
Georgia Tech professors share their expertise on disaster recovery and smart infrastructure.
The Sustainability Next Plan features six key priorities that touch nearly every aspect of the Institute, each with specific objectives and strategies for implementation.
On Oct. 17, Jennifer Chirico will join Infrastructure and Sustainability (I&S) as the associate vice president of Sustainability.
Georgia Tech researchers are studying the highly social behavior of yellow jackets.
MARTA Reach, a six-month pilot launched in March as part of a collaboration of MARTA and Georgia Tech