Bikes fill the racks outside the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons


Georgia Tech addresses issues of sustainability in transportation through numerous channels. Research focuses on alternative fuels, fuel efficiency, transportation usage, policy and planning, and transportation infrastructure.

Georgia Tech’s Parking and Transportation Services offers environmentally responsible transportation choices for students, faculty, and staff. Carpool permits and SmartPark offer flexibility within the campus parking system. Alternative transportation choices are provided through partnerships with metro transit agencies, including MARTA, CCT, GRTA, and GCT. 

Zipcar and Zimride offer alternative options for those who still want to have access to a car or want to be matched with a carpool. Bike GT provides a resource for those who choose to bike to campus, and the BuzzBike program offers affordable semesterly bike rentals. Numerous bicycle infrastructure improvements have been implemented throughout campus in recent years to encourage both commuting and traveling on campus by bike.

Electric vehicle drivers can plug in at work via multiple Level 2 EV charging locations. Georgia Tech is home to more Level 2 chargers than any other university in the southeast. Learn more from Parking and Transportation

The Institute's efforts resulted in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency selecting Georgia Tech as one of the “Best Places for Commuters.” In 2012, the League of American Cyclists designated Georgia Tech as a Silver-level university, making it the easternmost school to earn that honor. Parking and Transportation Services won the PACE Award from the Midtown Alliance in 2013 for its clean community initiatives. It also earned the Innovation award at the Georgia Transit Association's 2014 conference for the NextBuzz transit system, which uses technology to improve headways and reduce bus bunching.

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